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Techno Magic Process
At Techno Magic we follow standard process to complete projects quickly and efficiently without unnecessary delays and cost overruns. Each of these phases are conducted and completed in a systematic and stepwise fashion virtually guarantees our client's satisfaction and the Web development project's overall success.
Techno Magic Application Development Process Includes:
  • Meeting :

    Techno Magic team members meet with your staff to gain a greater understanding of the entire project, meet all of the players involved, and set guidelines & expectations

  • Content & Materials Gathering :

    Here the Scope of Work is created; all content, assets, and images are gathered; additionally access to any necessary databases is obtained

  • Wireframe Creation :

    Black & white depictions of your app are created, including the placement of text and images; the overall flow of your app is designed as well

  • Development & Integration :

    Techno Magics in-house development team work on the creation of your app, build hooks to any necessary databases, integrate web services, & perform rigorous testing

  • Project Sign-off, Launch, & Marketing :

    Once all is set with your app Techno Magic helps to make sure your app is successfully launched, as well as create & execute a marketing plan to promote your application.

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