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BlackBerry Development
Techno Magic’s blackberry development team have extensive expertise in developing mobile business solutions. So Techno Magic is a right choice for your Blackberry Application Solutions. Our team always focuses on technical excellence that delivers business value. We ensure excellent skill pool so that you can achieve cost effective and flexible services for your business. Techno Magic has what it takes to turn your BlackBerry application idea into a world-class application with significant upside.
Techno Magic’s blackberry development team have in-depth understanding of BlackBerry enterprise servers.
We optimize following technologies for Blackberry mobile application development :
  • BlackBerry SDK
  • BlackBerry JDE
  • BlackBerry Runtime APIs
Our application development services for the Blackberry platform are :
  • Blackberry Native Applications :

    Business Application Development : Businesses can build applications on the Blackberry from the day to day process to a show and tell presentation/pitch on the phone.

  • Blackberry marketing Applications :

    Businesses can use the Blackberry platform to leverage “show and tell” new age marketing applications on the Blackberry. Businesses can now build applications to allow the consumers to interact with their product and make it fun and entertaining while they do so.

  • Blackberry Entertainment and Gaming Applications :

    With the new Blackberry hardware getting very powerful, the gaming and entertainment has come of age on the Blackberry. Leveraging the new acclerometer and dedicated graphics hardware with the Blackberry Storm, we can take the gaming on the mobile phone to a whole new level. Going from 3D Accelerated gaming to multiplayer over the 3G network.

  • Blackberry Web Applications :

    Make your existing websites accessible on the the Blackberry. Our team can develop a website specifically for the Blackberry browser or replicate the services of an existing website for the Blackberry platform.

  • Blackberry Java Applications :

    We also specialize in Blackberry J2ME native applications which can run off the Java virtual machines on the different Blackberry models. Our development team has experience in the developing applications that work across handset models by targeting specific JSRs for a particular device.

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