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About Techno Magic
Techno Magic strives to be leaders in the global marketplace for software solutions in the areas of E-Business, We believe that by focusing on Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction as our top corporate values, we will exceed our growth goals while establishing long-term relationships with our clients.
We strongly emphasize good project management via feedback and control. If it's tried, tested and corrected, it will run fine. So we strive to deliver solutions that meet their intended use. We achieve this by continuous monitoring, strong team effort and feedback. Our leadership and focus on results is integral to success of our teams and in turn the success of our clients. The process and project delivery documents define the scope of our guiding principles.
Creativity is abounding at Techno Magic and the passion is unceasing. Techno Magic stands for offering affordable web and mobile solutions to its clients.
We offer the following advantages to our clients:
  • An effective backend office in India for your worldwide operations with assurance on data security and confidentiality of your business processes.
  • Average cost savings of over 35-40%.
  • High quality and quick turn-around.
  • Capacity augmentation at your end with low risks and costs.
  • Consistent, reliable project turnaround as per your standards with dedicated project teams, project manager and customer interface.
  • We have state-of-the art infrastructure to help establish your ‘offshore development centre’ in India.

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